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Grandaisy® Yellow Sunshine

Sunny side up
The Grandaisy® Yellow Sunshine is another yellow variety. But where our Gold variety is shimmering, shiny and bright, is Grandaisy® Sunshine a softer yellow.

Sundaville® MiMi Pink

Bright and Bubbly
We know you were waiting for MiMi in Pink! So here it is. Bright and bubbly, just like you would expect. She is a little sun worshipper and doesn’t require a lot of water. She’s a perfectly mounding MiMi and fits perfectly on any garden table. It’s going to be a lazy summer with this pink lady in your garden.

Grandaisy® Gold

Golden beauty

This very special gold Argyranthemum immediately catches your eye when it reaches its full flowering potential. The big flowers of gleaming yellow gold have dark brown hearts and form a homogene flower display, transforming your garden into a sea of gold. This Grandaisy® variety has a perfect round mounding shape and is very compact, which makes it easy to grow and is perfectly suited for big pots.

Grandaisy® Ruby

Big red jewel

This red jewel starts its abundant flowering with a hint of yellow, turning into a bright red colour which is intensified by the dark green foliage and the yellow ring around the dark heart of the flower. This special Argyranthemum shows its super large flowers beautifully due to its compact growth.

Senetti® White

“Dazzling white”

Senetti® White is a unique new beautiful colour to compliment the classic Senetti® collection. It has eye-catching pure white petals with an intense dark blue heart. The contrasting green foliage beautifully lights up the intense white colour of the flower. The growing habit is compact and flowers abundantly. Senetti® White is the first white Pericallis variety available on the market.

Sundaville® MiMi Red

Sparkling red flowers

This is the earliest Red Mandevilla available on the market. The medium size flowers of the Sundaville Mimi Red have an intense classic red colour with a yellow heart. It blooms earlier than the classic collection. It has good branching, is very compact and it doesn’t make long straggly stems. Also add it’s high flowering power and you will have the perfect Sundaville in a small pot. Not to mention that it is also performing well outside.

However, they both belong to the MiMi collection, the habit of the variations are slightly different: Where MiMi Yellow is more upright growing, MiMi Red is more hanging.

Surdiva® Deep Violet Blue

Colourful statement

The luxurious and intense blue colour of Surdiva® Deep Violet Blue makes it a powerful eye-catcher in your garden. A striking Scaevola variety that looks beautiful in hanging baskets, pots, beds and borders.

Surdiva® Fashion Pink

Pink passion

Surdiva® Fashion Pink has a unique dark pink colour which is even more enhanced by its darker green foliage and strong flowering power. A wonderful colour punch in your garden!

Surdiva® Light Blue

Elegance never goes out of style

Surdiva® Light Blue displays delicate light lavender-blue flowers nonstop all summer long. The small, fan-like flowers bloom in clusters and have an elegant and dazzling effect in your garden.