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Granvia® Pink Flame

Flaming in pink

Let’s pop some pink bubbles, because this year we are introducing our Granvia® in Pink Flame. These bubblegum coloured flowers are a true girls dream. If it would be up to us, we’d cover every gardens in these Alice in Wonderland blooms.

The Granvia® colours are not the only attributes that are lifely; Granvia has a day and night routine, just like humans. Granvia® will only show her buds in the morning  and as soon as she feels the sun on her leaves, her big flowers will open up. As the night falls, she’ll fall asleep again and her flowers close up.

Senetti® Kobalt Blue

Out of the blue
This might come a little out of the blue, but we’re introducing a third blue variety: Kobalt Blue. You’ll be truly able to trade those winter blues for floral blues and fill your garden with Senetti® super early spring.

And is your Senetti at the end of its blooming phase? No reason to be sad. Cut it back by fifty percent and she’ll surprise you again in late summer by starting a second floral performance

Senetti® Super Blue

A floral nightsky
We proudly present another never seen colour in our Senetti collection: super blue. This Senetti has flowers that look like they’ve been dipped in ink, as their hue is deeply blue. The yellow pollen forming at its heart almost look like stars on a blue night sky background.

You can keep this beauty as close as you want, as she is suited to decorate both your garden and home. She’ll surely make a nice addition to your interior design.

Sundaville® Lemon

Lemon and limes

Meet Sundaville Lemon. A new yellow addition to our classic Sundaville® collection. She won’t give you lemons but she’ll shower you with plenty of flowers. And although sour might be in her name, she is just the sweetest. Adding her to your collection of garden plants will create the ultimate summer vibe.

Sundaville® MiMi Pink

Bright and Bubbly
We know you were waiting for MiMi in Pink! So here it is. Bright and bubbly, just like you would expect. She is a little sun worshipper and doesn’t require a lot of water. She’s a perfectly mounding MiMi and fits perfectly on any garden table. It’s going to be a lazy summer with this pink lady in your garden.

Surfinia® Trailing Light Yellow

Enchanted forest.
This Light Yellow Surfinia® seems to come straight from the enchanted forest.  Her heart shows a bright yellow, which overflows in pastel coloured petals. Her flowers are playful, curly and pop nicely off the green foliage. This Trailing Surfinia® also lasts and blooms earlier than the average Petunia. Ready for some magic?

Surfinia® Trailing Violet

Long may she reign!
The classic Purple Surfinia® is the best selling Petunia worldwide, the queen of all bedding other flowers. No wonder, because she is a real eye-catcher. This year we’re re-introducing this icon, innovated and improved. Meet Surfinia® Trailing Violet 2.0. She’s stronger, bouncier and last longer. A next generation of queens is born.

Surfinia® White Morn

Prince charming.
Prince charming can forget about his white horse. He better brings us Surfinia® White Morn instead. Her pure white cloud of flowers, decorated with subtle green veins give off a modern and cool vibe. This trailing Petunia has quite big flowers as they can grow up to 7 centimeters. She’s an early bloomer and lasts longer than the average Petunia. It results in a floral fairytale.

Grandaisy® Gold

Golden beauty

This very special gold Argyranthemum immediately catches your eye when it reaches its full flowering potential. The big flowers of gleaming yellow gold have dark brown hearts and form a homogene flower display, transforming your garden into a sea of gold. This Grandaisy® variety has a perfect round mounding shape and is very compact, which makes it easy to grow and is perfectly suited for big pots.

Senetti® Blue White XXL

Out of the blue XXL

The early flowering Senetti® Blue White XXL has exciting super large bicoloured flowers with intense blue and white petals and a dark blue heart. It flowers abundantly and has a compact growing habit due to its good branching. Truly unique to this variety is that it does not produces yellow pollen. This is especially interesting to garden centres as it is easier to maintain.

Senetti® White

“Dazzling white”

Senetti® White is a unique new beautiful colour to compliment the classic Senetti® collection. It has eye-catching pure white petals with an intense dark blue heart. The contrasting green foliage beautifully lights up the intense white colour of the flower. The growing habit is compact and flowers abundantly. Senetti® White is the first white Pericallis variety available on the market.

Granvia® Gold

“Golden crispy”

Gold, gold and gold again. The Granvia® Gold has remarkable big flowers with an intensely bright yellow colour and a heart that turns orange as pollen appears when the flower gets older. The unique structure of the ‘crispy paper like’ petals will grab your attention straight away. It is easy to grow, lasts long and blooms early. Insider tip! The flowers can be harvested to use as perfectly dried flowers or fresh potpourri.

Sundaville® MiMi Red

Sparkling red flowers

This is the earliest Red Mandevilla available on the market. The medium size flowers of the Sundaville Mimi Red have an intense classic red colour with a yellow heart. It blooms earlier than the classic collection. It has good branching, is very compact and it doesn’t make long straggly stems. Also add it’s high flowering power and you will have the perfect Sundaville in a small pot. Not to mention that it is also performing well outside.

However, they both belong to the MiMi collection, the habit of the variations are slightly different: Where MiMi Yellow is more upright growing, MiMi Red is more hanging.

Sundaville® MiMi Yellow

Fashionable yellow

The new Sundaville® MiMi Yellow has cute yellow flowers with a distinctive strong dark green foliage. It blooms earlier than the classic collection and has good branching, grows very compact and doesn’t make long straggly stems. Add it’s high flowering power to this list and you have yourself the perfect Sundaville® in a small pot. Not to mention that it is also performing well outside.

However, they both belong to the MiMi collection, the habit of the variations are slightly different: Where MiMi Red is more hanging, MiMi Yellow is more upright growing.