Sunpuma Purple

“A touch of luxury”
Sunpuma Purple shows nice tubular light violet flowers with leaves of a dark green and purple colour. It has an unusual big flower size for an Ipomoea and high flowering power. The vigorous stems make it suitable for hanging baskets or as a climbing plant with a support. Hence, it is very good for landscaping. The plant is early flowering and has a strong outdoor performance. But most special is its purple colour, a rare colour in nature.


“The matchmaker”

The Sunpuma collection is the ultimate flowernizer. Pink. Purple. Big or Small. It doesn’t matter which flower, Sunpuma loves them all. The question is.. Do you dare to mix it up? Sunpuma is a range of Ipomoea that grows easily, stay compact and is available early in the season. The plants are suitable for hanging baskets, balcony containers and as a bedding plant where they can be mixed easily with other plants or flowers. With its attractive, striking foliage, they turn every garden or balcony into an eye-catching spectacle.

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Sunpuma® Ipomoeas are a newer product for me and much more different than the tropical’s I grow. Sunpuma® Ipomoea’s best trait is intense foliage colour that does not fade, along with a nice variation in leaf shape. Plants are compact and controlled for ipomoea, but not too compact. Ipomoea’s work nicely in combination with other plants or in hanging baskets or in window boxes by themselves.

Sun-Fire Nurseries,
Sarasota Florida

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