Surdiva® Salmon Pink

“Feminine. Romantic. Classy”
The gentle colour of Surdiva® Salmon Pink is a perfect blended tone of pink and orange and gives your garden a tasteful blanket of pastel coloured flowers. Enjoy the delicate and refined touch of Surdiva® Salmon Pink all season and discover the feeling of refinement it gives you when looking at it.


“Fashionably late”
The Surdiva® collection is elegant, arty and always in style. The fan-shaped flowers on short terminal spikes are distinctive and classy with a hint of art deco. Surdiva® is a range of nicely coloured Scaevola, one of the most heat tolerant bedding plants in the world, which makes it suitable for low maintenance. It has a mounding, semi-trailing habit with manageable growth and shows super continuous flowering. Hence, the Surdiva collection is highly versatile and has a very wide range of uses: from groundcover to hanging basket, pots and balcony boxes.

Now we come with 5 improved varieties which we like to call “the new generation of Surdiva®”. They are very compact, have very good branching and high flower power. The habit is more semi mounding in comparison to the usual trailing habit of the Scaevola. Improvement of the propagation rate. With its similar habit, it makes them also interesting to use as mixes. They have a long flowering life until late in the season, very good performance outside and good resistance to heat and rain.

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